Other Worlds Education Project at the University of Nottingham

Participation by CACIM members Madhuresh Kumar and Jai Sen on the Steering Committee of the Other Worlds Education Project at the University of Nottingham, UK. Helping to formulate an experimental, reflexive educational programme to tackle development education and uncritical discourses of global citizenship in the UK, initially inspired by the Open Space Seminar Series organised at the University of Delhi (see above). Developed by a collective of activists, educators, and academics from the UK, Brazil, and India, the course proposed an approach to transnational (global/political) literacy based on ‘reflexive ethics’ in which participants (university and school-level students, and community activists) were encouraged to engage critically with issues related to global and local contexts and think about how their way of seeing the world and acting in it are connected to global justice and injustice. Current information on follow-up project available @; Coordinator : Vanessa Andreotti, [email protected]

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