Reaching the Real India is a programme developed by CACIM for the young people to provide them with a learning opportunity to volunteer with people’s movements and contribute to socio-political and cultural processes directly. The programme exposes young people to the issues of the struggling masses of this country, the strategies movements adopt to achieve their goals, the dynamics of the social transformation process and learn beyond the classroom and formal education system.

We, in CACIM, believe that a conscious young population is critical for developmental processes. They can resolve and take forward the issues with their fresh energy & creativity, and be a valuable contributor to the socio-economic, cultural and political transformation processes. Through this programme, we want to build the bridge between omnipotence of youth and experience of people, fill the gap between academia and activism, and also help the organisations involved in social issues to benefit from the skills which the young people bring with them, thereby creating a symbiotic relationship between the two.

India is going to become the world’s youngest country within two years with 64 per cent of its population in the working age group. With growing issues in India, Indian youth is the one getting affected the most; creating frustration within them to see their limited capacity, involvement and influence in the decision-making process. Thus, it is the need of the hour for young people to become more aware of the issues affecting them directly and indirectly so that they can draw a clearer and variegated picture of their country and consequently engage in resolving those issues.

The programme has been developed to empower college students by giving them a chance to spend two to eight weeks in one of the people’s movements/community organisations so that they can observe and understand India and its issues through a different lens. This initiative aims at filling the gap between the academic community and the mass organisations that work on human rights, equality and sustainable development.

Reaching the Real India also promotes building a secular, resilient and democratic society which can only be achieved by the efforts and support of the youth. This programme will not only help you familiarize with different aspects involving in a people’s movement but also give you a chance to build a self-image and boost confidence.