CACIM sees itself not as an independent organisation but interlinked and interdependent, plugged into and learning from the world around us. With this vision, it sees itself as evolving into a hub within networks among individuals and organisations located in different parts of India and the world. CACIM today acts as a hub, hosting several independent initiatives and stimulating these learning centres by providing specific support on research/documentation, networking/exposure, capacity-building and administrative works.Currently, CACIM focus areas are :

  • Strategies and Cultures of Movement: movement dynamics, social transformation processes and the role of alliances and networks
  • Rights, Resources and Accountability: community rights over natural resources, access to rights, accountability of state and non-state actors with specific focus on capital and finance.
  • Marginalities, Democracy and Power : emerging identities, intersectionalities and its relations with the society and state¬†
  • Development, Urbanisation and Equity : ¬†the unfolding development and urban processes, practices and the question of equity in an ever increasing unequal world