Booklet: Financial Analysis of Delhi Metro after Phase-III

Ha-Joon Chang, the Cambridge economist, holds that ‘95% of economics is common sense, made to look difficult, with the use of jargons and mathematics’. That may explain why common people engage less with matters of finance. Governments announce new projects, schemes and programs involving large spending of public money, all...

How is the struggle for the right to housing different from other ongoing struggles in India?

Housing’, which is a familiar word to all those in struggle, is an age-old arena of struggle for all labouring and working people, both in urban and rural areas, all over India and in all countries of the world. Although what we call ‘housing’ is normally thought of in terms of buildings, in reality ‘housing’ is actually about something far deeper and far more fundamental : It is a place to live in with security and with dignity, for every woman, man, and child. As such, it is also recognised, and even in bourgeois society, as being a fundamental need. But it is also an area of great profit and power, for owners, landlords, and developers. And as a result of all this, and of how central what is called ‘housing’ is to our lives and to our struggles, the subject of ‘housing’ has been in intense struggle and debate for decades.

New World Bank President: From ‘Who’ and ‘How’ to ‘for What’!

In the name of development and alleviating poverty, the Bank uses public finances, the taxpayers’ money, to promote corporate interests. As a matter of fact, neo-liberal policies are promoted as a panacea for all ills plaguing the underdeveloped and emerging economies. If the ‘agenda’ of the new president remains the same, despite his/her nationality or the process of selection, there’s very little to expect from him/her.


COME TO THE NARMADA VALLEY – June 13-14 / Violence continues against Fanaa in Gujarat / Key 15 June meeting in Delhi on evictions / MoEF orders stoppage of work on Maheshwar dam NARMADA Baroda * Urgent: COME TO THE NARMADA VALLEY – June 13-14 (NBA Baroda, June 10) * Sardar Sarovar project: panel probe...


NBA Convention on ‘Myths, Lies and the Narmada Betrayal’ / The Oversight Group’s survey of SSP may prove a mere ploy’ / Attack on Office of Mahesh Bhatt Condemned / Hunger Fast Starts in US * NBA Convention on ‘Myths, Lies and the Narmada Betrayal’ on Sunday 18th June 2006 (NBA...


Medha Patkar, 100 others detained / Medha Patkar alleges conspiracy to crush NBA / The struggles of the poor against unjust displacement will only increase / Crucial national strategy meeting on displacement and development NARMADA Baroda * Medha Patkar, 100 others detained (The Hindu, June 20) * Medha Patkar and Others Arrested While Seeking...


The power of civility SOME CRITICAL REFLECTIONS ON GLOBAL CIVIL SOCIETY A paper for the Committee on Civil Society Research in Sweden coming out of the seminar ‘Global Civil Society : More or Less Democracy?’ organised by the Committee at the World Social Forum in Nairobi, Kenya, on January 22...
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