We at CACIM are happy to present here an ‘Advance Pre-final Movement Editions’ of the two books edited by CACIM member Jai Sen and forthcoming during 2017 as a co-publication project between CACIM’s Publication unit OpenWord (external link) in India and PM Press (external link) in the US.

Note : For Reading, Discussion, and Debate on a ‘Not-for-Re-Publication / Distribution’ basis !

For an introduction to the books, the contributors, and endorsements, press HERE (external link)

To go straight to the Tables of Contents and from there to the material in the two books,

For Part 1 : What Makes Us Move ? – PRESS HERE

For Part 2 : Rethinking Our Dance. – PRESS HERE (external link)

Some FAQs :
Can I get a PDF of this prefinal, advance edition of this book ?No, the contract between the co-publishers OpenWord? and PM Press forbids distribution of too-easily-copied electronic formats of this edition of the book. Please therefore respect the condition of this ‘Advance Pre-final Movement Edition’, that the contents are made freely available as individual files – in HTML format – for Discussion and Debate but on a Not-for-Re-Publication/Distribution basis.

Why are you using HTML format for this edition of the book ?

This format aims to respect the spirit of the contract between the co-publishers, as above. Our intention is to discourage unauthorised copying or editing of the material in the book.