[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Sébastien Verville (January – April 2008) pursued his Bachelor Degree in International Studies with the development orientation at Université de Montréal. (external link)Earlier he interned with an orphanage in Nepal and acquainted himself with the socio-political conditions and emerging society in South Asia. He speaks French, English, and Spanish, the last one he learned during two journeys in Honduras. Currently he is enrolled for a Master’s programme at the Université de Montréal.

Sebastien interned with CACIM for three months during January – April 2008 as part of his degree programme which contributed 6 credits towards his graduate degree. During his stint at CACIM he contributed significantly to many aspects of our work. He helped in preparing an organisational Reader for future interns and staff, made critical inputs to internship programme, contributed to the World Social Forum Bibliography, helped in CACIM’s activities around the WSF Global Day of Action 2008, and also participated in Bhopal – Delhi foot march (external link) by the victims of Bhopal Gas Tragedy for securing justice and demanding impunity to Dow Chemicals.

Some reflections on his stint with CACIM

When I first thought of coming here my only expectations were: to acquire a new knowledge of diverse aspects of the work in an NGO, to know more about India and social movements, and to be useful (which mean not wasting my time and your time). So, considering that, I am happy with the work I did. … the only thing that matter to me here is to have the feeling that I am learning things that I could not read in book. I already know how to read the work, now I am learning how to work the read.

Even if it was sometimes a bit long and boring, I had something simple to do when I arrived to keep me busy while I was getting used to Delhi and the CACIM… I modestly understand the constraints that a short internship poses and I agree that it takes at least a month to really get into more complex work. In that context, trying to help as much as I could and be involved in CACIM’s projects is in itself an achievement. I appreciate the fact that I have been really included in the various meetings and discussions that occurred during this period. Even if I haven’t participated that much it helped me a lot to situate myself, the CACIM, and me as a part of it. It also helped me to become more “confident” about my internship.

For me an internship is an opportunity to both put my skills and knowledge in practice and get some new skills and knowledge that we can’t be taught in university. In that manner an internship don’t have (or even should not have) to be too academic in its functions and purposes. I think to an extent my internship managed to keep the balance…

I am happy to have had some contacts with other social movements and organisations and develop some critical understanding of what NGO work is and/or should be…

I would say as a conclusion that I’m happy to be here and that you all Rock!!![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]