WORLD SOCIAL FORUM: Table of Contents

Editors’ Profiles
Authors’ Profiles

Proem: Challenging Empires : Reading the World Social Forum. Jai Sen

SECTION 1: Antecedents : Critical Perspectives

1.1 For struggles, global and national. Samir Amin, interviewed by V Sridhar

1.2 Coming : A Rerun of the 1930s, Walden Bello

1.3 The Road from Genoa. Jeremy Brecher, Tim Costello, and Brendan Smith

1.4 Towards a New International, Michael Löwy

1.5 Transnational Feminism and the Struggle for Global Justice. Johanna Brenner

1.6 Towards Another Anarchism. Andrej Grubacic

1.7 Asian Peace Movements and Empire. Muto Ichiyo

1.8 The Global Justice and Solidarity Movement and the World Social Forum : A Backgrounder. Peter Waterman

1.9 World Social Forum Charter of Principles

1.10 Addis Ababa Consensus : Another Africa Is Possible ! African Social Forum, January 2003

1.11 WSF 2004, Mumbai, India : The Global South Joins Hands. World Social Forum India Organising Committee

SECTION 2: Critical Engagement : The World Social Forum

2.1 The WSF as Open Space. Chico Whitaker

2.2 The World Social Forum : Arena or Actor? Teivo Teivainen

2.3 Another World is Necessary. Nawal El Saadawi

2.4 The Secret of Fire. Peter Waterman

2.5 Is it possible to put a human face on globalisation and war? ILC

2.6 World Forum Movement : Abandon or Contaminate. Linden Farrer

2.7 Decentering the Forum : Is Another Critique of the Forum Possible? Michal Osterweil

2.8 Another (Also Feminist) World Is Possible : Constructing Transnational Spaces and Global Alternatives from the Movements. Sonia E Alvarez, with Nalu Faria and Miriam Nobre

2.9 How Open? The Forum As Logo, The Forum As Religion : Scepticism of The Intellect, Optimism of The Will. Jai Sen

2.10 The World Social Forum III and Tensions in the Construction of Global Alternative Thinking. Gina Vargas

2.11 The World Social Forum : Toward A Counter-Hegemonic? Globalisation. Boaventura de Sousa Santos

2.12 World Social Forum’s “Many Alternatives” to Globalisation. P J James

2.13 People’s Movements – Evolving Our World : End Imperialist Globalisation, Fundamentalism and War. Andhra Pradesh Vyavasaya Vruthidarula Union and ors, January 2003

__2.14 Mumbai Declaration 2004. Declaration adopted at the end of Mumbai Resistance 2004 against imperialist

globalisation and war – an event held parallel to World Social Forum at Mumbai, India, January 23 2004__

2.15 Declaration of the Social Movements Assembly at the World Social Forum, Nairobi, Kenya, 2007. Samir Amin, Marcy Kadenyeka, Luseni Kamara, and ors, January 2007

SECTION 3: Globalising the Forum : The Forum in the World

3.1 Globalising Resistance. Sukumar Muralidharan

3.2 Citizen mobilization in the Americas and the World Social Forum process (tentative title). Dorval Brunelle

3.3 The Forum in Africa : The Nairobi Social Forum. Jean Nanga

3.4 The US Social Forum : The US in the world

3.5 Another US is Starting to Happen. Judy Rebick

3.6 The Road to Atlanta : Political and Historical Analysis of the US Social Forum Process to Date, Michael Leon Guerrero, Tammy Bang Luu, and Cindy Wiesner

3.7 The Québec Social Forum. Pierre Beaudet

SECTION 4: Looking Beyond : Possible Futures, Possible Worlds

4.1 WSF : Where to Now? Michael Albert

4.2 The Twilight of Vanguardism. David Graeber

4.3 The World Social Forum and the Future : The Future of the World Social Forum. Boaventura de Sousa Santos

4.4 Women’s Global Charter for Humanity. World March of Women

4.5 Other Worlds Are (Already) Possible : Self-Organisation?, Complexity, and Post-Capitalist? Cultures. Arturo Escobar