Initiation of the ‘Hindi Heartland Project’

Initiation of the ‘Hindi Heartland Project’, centred on translating and publication of a Hindi edition of World Social Forum : Challenging Empires in four slim, easy-to-buy volumes, coordinated by Kishan Kaljayee, and with the plan to use this as the basis of a major pedagogical experiment and intervention in cultures of politics...

Other Worlds Education Project at the University of Nottingham

Participation by CACIM members Madhuresh Kumar and Jai Sen on the Steering Committee of the Other Worlds Education Project at the University of Nottingham, UK. Helping to formulate an experimental, reflexive educational programme to tackle development education and uncritical discourses of global citizenship in the UK, initially inspired by the Open Space...

Talking New Politics: Are Other Worlds Possible?

In the run-up to the fourth World Social Forum held in Mumbai, India in January 2004, civil activists and students organized a major series of seminars in Delhi University to discuss the Forum and its politics. This book, the first in a series that explore the new ideas generated by...

The publication of World Social Forum : Challenging Empires

The publication of World Social Forum : Challenging Empires, edited by Jai Sen, Anita Anand, Arturo Escobar, and Peter Waterman (Viveka, New Delhi), a major anthology on the theory and practice of the Forum, towards a more critical appreciation of this major world initiative; and the organisation of a major seminar...
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