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This Reader on the Bamako Appeal and the Global Justice Movements has been prepared for the meeting ‘Revisiting the Bamako Appeal : Issues of Democracy and Substance in the World Movement’ being organised by CACIM (India Institute for Critical Action : Centre in Movement), New Delhi, India, and CCS (University of KwaZulu-Natal Centre for Civil Society), Durban, South Africa, at the World Social Forum 2007 in Nairobi, Kenya, on January 21 2007. It has been compiled by CACIM and CCS, and with input and advice from Peter Waterman of The Hague, The Netherlands. We would like to acknowledge the help of Sah Bittu, Geoffrey Pleyers, Nishant and many others who have helped us put together this Reader in a very short time.  We also thank our printers for this excellent job, again in record time !

For reasons of space (and time), we have included here only the relatively shorter essays among all those that are available on global justice and solidarity movements (GJSM) but on the other hand, we have tried to collect together everything that is currently available on the Bamako Appeal in order to contribute to the debate – aside from some of the key documents in history that we think are relevant in order to understand the Bamako Appeal in perspective. Many of the documents featured here have been drawn from OpenSpaceForum (, and in time all of them will be up there.  We hope that this collection will be useful for the meeting in Nairobi and might also, over time, become a significant reference source for the strategies and manifestos being constantly generated worldwide by constituents of the GJSM.

Please note that we have not in any way edited the documents that we have sourced and reproduced here other than in some cases adding the publication date. In all such cases we have acknowledged the sources for the documents, to our best of ability. Some of the texts however have been especially written for this collection, and we would like to express our gratitude to their authors for doing so in this time.

The Reader is intended for limited and private circulation, for non-profit educational and discussion purposes only. It is useful to also clarify that the views of the authors in the various articles included here are not necessarily the views of the compilers, and equally that inclusion in this collection does not necessarily imply that the authors agree with the views expressed by the compilers of the Reader.

Jai Sen and Madhuresh Kumar, with Patrick Bond and Peter Waterman
New Delhi, Kathmandu, Durban, and The Hague
January 2007